The smart way to launch a profitable online course

So you’ve decided that an online course is the way to go for monetising your blog. Great choice!

But what should you start doing first? Here are some options. Which one would you choose?

A) Buy a good-quality microphone and camera.
B) Start selling your course.
C) Start recording video lessons.
D) Sign up for an Online Course Delivery Platform.

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The Smart Way to Launch a Profitable Online Course for Bloggers and Independent Entrepreneurs

Your best bet is Option B – Start selling your course! Are you surprised?

Look, I know you're probably saying, “How can I start selling my course before I have a course to sell? What if I don’t have any course material to deliver to my students?!”

And I hear you. Having customers with no product to deliver them is a pretty terrifying prospect.

But you know what’s even more terrifying?

Having a product with no customers. Especially when you’ve poured hundreds of hours, and some serious cash into developing this product.

I certainly don’t want that for my business, and I’m sure you don’t want that for yours. Because I know that like me, you’re an independent entrepreneur looking to make money doing the things you love - and sharing your gifts with the world.

And while independent entrepreneurship comes with many benefits, there are some limitations: you don’t have a sales and marketing team, you have to build your products largely on your own, and you don’t have the luxury of time – your time is money.

Now, I know no one here wants to be working at a big corporate cubical farm, but I get a bit jealous at how easy it must be for a big corporate to launch a product (red tape aside…).

A big corporate can afford to build a product, and take it to the market and see what happens. Their sales and marketing team will do their utmost to get people buying the product, and they’ll have a massive budget for marketing. Even if they fail, a big company will be able to cushion the blow through their other product lines, or they’ll send the product back for improvements and then bring it to the market again.

As an independent entrepreneur, you don’t have any of these luxuries. You have to do things differently to a big corporate company, or even a medium-sized business. You have to act quickly and smartly, but you have an advantage – you’re small and agile.

So, bringing this back to your online courses, you’re essentially you’re faced with two equally terrifying situations:

  1. Build your course, and then (hope to) sell it.
  2. Sell your course, and then (plan to) build it.

Now, I hope it’s clear that Option 1 is just not a good idea for you as an independent entrepreneur.

But what if I told you that I could take some of the terror out of Option 2?

What if I knew of a strategy you could follow that would make Option 2 work?

And what if that strategy was so not only effective but actually super fun to implement?

Well, that’s what I am telling you. I think I’ve found the perfect strategy for you to generate excellent profits in your small business by building and selling online courses.

My friend Krista Dickson at Blog Beautifully has built five different courses, which she has launched more than ten times, and she’s become something of a course-launching guru over the last two years. She has helped countless bloggers to build a business out of their blogs through sound monetisation strategies.

And her favourite (and most effective) monetisation strategy is to create and sell online courses to her audience.

Krista’s proven launch strategy is actually made up of three launch phases – the pre-launch, cart open, and post-launch phases. In her mini-course, Your First Course Launch*, she’ll take you through each of these phases in detail, so that you’ll be able to apply them to launch your course successfully.

Other highlights of the course include tips on how to create irresistible bonuses and a 19-step formula for creating a killer sales page for your course. She’ll also share her 7-email launch strategy, so you’ll know exactly what to say in your launch emails.

I’ve created more courses in my time than I can remember, but I’ll admit this – launching a course scares me! 

But I really love the approach that Krista teaches in Your First Course Launch because it takes the overwhelm out of launching. And although the course doesn't go into the nuts and bolts of actually creating a course, the process aligns perfectly with how I recommend you design and develop your courses.

My approach to course creation is to design your course as a storyboard first. The storyboard is the basic, bare bones of your course – there’s no fancy designs, no video recordings, animations, or stock images.

But what you will have is something you can start selling.

Once you’ve got some pre-sales in, and validated your course idea, that’s when you can get the webcam and mic out and start developing your course material, which (spoiler alert), only happens in Krista's final phase.

Now I’m thinking that if you’d read to this point, you’re ready. You’re ready to monetise your blog in a smart way. You’re ready to kick overwhelm to the curb. You’re ready to launch your first course and make money from it.

But if you feel like you could do with the support of a proven launch strategy, then I think I have just the thing for you.

Sign up for Your First Course Launch* today and you'll get access to the lessons immediately. At $97, this mini-course is great value for money. It will give you the exact strategy you need to follow to finally launch your course, or other info-product.

* Now, as an affiliate for the course, I’ll earn a commission if you choose to sign up. I say this in the spirit of full disclosure, and so that I can assure you that I only recommend products that I believe will add value to your business (full disclosure here).

But also, if you do choose to sign up through my link, I’d like to thank you by including a bonus of my own: A video lesson on how to set up a landing/sales page for your course using Carrd.

And I know this bonus will come in handy because you'll need to set up a sales page for your course launch. I have just built a landing page with Carrd that has absolutely BLOWN. ME. AWAY. Carrd is way cheaper than landing page software (I’m talking like $19 a year when you’d be paying more than double that per MONTH with other options). And you can even get it for free if you use a domain name.

But as great as the price is, that's not what blew me away. No, it was how STUNNING the landing page looked in a short amount of time! And I could have taken even less time if I knew a few tips and tricks upfront. So that’s what I’m going to give you in my video lesson bonus: the fast-track to setting up your landing page using Carrd.

Are you ready to finally start launching your online course? Then join Your First Course Launch today!