Are you ready to be a Teacher... Too...?

Now, I’m guessing that you’re here because you’ve got something awesome to teach – something that people would pay good money for, because it solves a key problem for them, or it helps them to earn more money.

I also reckon that you love what you do – whether it’s what you do all day as a job, or whether it’s just a hobby or a side-hustle at this stage.

But I’m also going to guess that the thought of building an online course makes you a little nervous. You may have seen some great courses out there, and feel a bit intimated about competing with them. You may also have seen some rather poor courses that didn’t meet your expectations, and you certainly don’t want to be putting a course out there that is... mediocre - because that's just not you!

Instead, you want to create courses that excite your students and inspire them to take action on all the knowledge and skills you’ve taught them. You want people to finish your courses and then be clambering to sign up for the next one! They’ll love your courses so much that they’ll be referring their friends, saying that you’ve not only provided them with great information, but that you've helped them get results.

If you’ve got these kinds of goals for your online courses, then I’d like to join your team.

You bring your knowledge, skills, experience, and personality. I’ll bring all the online teaching know-how – building an audience, finding your online teaching "awesome sauce", instructional design, tools and tech, graphic design for courses, encouraging course interaction, marketing your course, and everything else you need to build a sustainable online teaching business.

The person behind TeacherToo is me, Shelley Smith! Hello! If you'd like to find out more about me, then here's my abridged autobiography ;).

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