Work with Me


Are you a coach, a blogger, a course creator, or any other teaching-oriented entrepreneur?

Do you love teaching?

Do you love creating content that gives people solutions, that makes them think, and that ultimately transforms their lives?


But in this online course world of differing voices, do you find yourself too overwhelmed or uncertain to see your next step?

Or do you find yourself just taking actions in different directions – developing an opt-in, signing up for a Teachable account, writing up a course script – but feeling disappointed when all your hard work doesn’t translate into results?

And if you’ve already created and launched an online course, do you find yourself wondering how you could impact more people, and bring in more revenue for your business? More importantly, are you wondering how you can do this without constantly having to do everything yourself, risking burnout?


Uncertainty, overwhelm, disappointment and possible burnout are certainly not the reasons any of us became online entrepreneurs!

So let’s see how we could fix that, shall we?


How much more effective do you think you’d be in your online teaching business if:

  • You had a coach to help you clarify your unique goals for your online course and teaching business?
  • You had a clear action plan to achieve your goal, and a partner to help you tick things off your to-do list?
  • You had an online curriculum specialist to help you apply the science of learning to get great results for your students, for you, and for your business.


If these are the things that are going to make you more effective, and get you to take inspired action as you build a business you love (and change the world at the same time!), then I’d love to invite you to work with me 1:1.


Where are you starting from in your online teaching journey?


You’ve got teaching and course creation on the radar, but need some help with getting there.

You might be doing 1:1 client work, or offering services.

You have an email list of less than 800 people.


Creating an online course is part of your strategy, but you want to be certain that the time you’re going to invest into creating the course is going to pay off.

You’re working 1:1 with clients, but are starting to reach max capacity.

Your email list is between 800 and 1500 people, and may even be as large as 5000 people.


You have created and launched an online course or group program, but now you’d like to scale and optimise it so that its success does not depend as much on your direct input.

You’d like your course to have more impact and bring in more revenue.

The number of people on your email list is between 4000 and 10 000, and beyond!

What will you achieve?

When you sign up to work with me, we will put together a custom action plan that suits your unique circumstances and goals. But in general, these are the results that my clients and I will work to achieve, depending on their starting points:

  • Lay the foundations of your teaching-oriented business: audience, expertise, problem, messaging, offer.
  • Teach / coach 1:1 clients.
  • Build and launch a just-in-time teaching product.
  • List-building

  • Launch a beta version of your course, which will involve overall curriculum design, and setup of course community, teaching plan, launch plan, data collection and evaluation, and a self-care plan.
  • List-building
  • Community-building
  • Package a beta course into a signature online course or another teaching and learning product like a membership site.
  • Optimise the curriculum of an existing course for completion, getting returning students, and getting referrals. These optimisations lead to bigger impact and increased revenue, while you’re living your ideal lifestyle.

How does the coaching process work?

  • You’ll fill in a Starting Blocks Intake Form to give me a clear overall picture of where we’re starting this journey.
  • We’ll have a Starting Blocks Interview Session where we’ll set your specific goal, and together develop an Action Plan to get there.
  • At the end of each session, you will be given homework and action items to implement in the week ahead.
  • The first part of the next session will involve going through the action items from the week prior.
  • In the second part of the session, we will discuss the next action steps that need to be taken. I’ll point you towards suggested tools, and offer you templates or model processes to follow.
  • We’ll also identify any obstacles you are running into, or that you could run into, and put plans in place to overcome these obstacles.
  • I’ll be available to you over email between the sessions to review the material you’re creating and give you feedback.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 Starting Blocks Interview Session
  • A customised Action Plan to achieve your goal
  • 8 1:1 coaching sessions (done on Zoom) over 3 months. Coaching sessions will be scheduled to fit in with your Action Plan.
  • Audio recordings of all coaching sessions.
  • Email access to me for support between coaching sessions.
  • A shared Trello board to track progress.
  • Templates, model processes, and guidance on using relevant tools, as needed.

And I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit more about me!

I’m Shelley, an online curriculum specialist who helps teaching-oriented entrepreneurs to build excellent online courses and other teaching products.

I believe that a well-designed online course that applies the science of learning makes huge business sense, because it effectively turns your students into your sales team.

I also believe that course creation is a journey, rather than a destination, so I help my clients to reach their ultimate goal of launching a successful online course by paving the way with just-in time teaching products and beta course launches.

I’m a trained teacher, an experienced instructional designer, and a website designer. I love nerding-out on all things #edtech and learning theory, and then demystifying all the concepts I’ve learnt about for my subscribers and clients!


$997 upfront for the 3-month program, or $349 x 3 monthly payments

Now, I’d love to hear a bit more about you… Let’s chat!

Signing up for a coaching program like this is an investment in yourself and in your business, so you need to feel confident that you’ll see a return on your investment, and that it aligns with your unique business and lifestyle goals.

So before you consider signing up for the coaching program, let’s chat about your particular situation and goals, and we can see if working together would be a good fit at this time.

So I’d love to invite you to book a 20-minute Express Coaching Session with me. We’ll identify the next step you need to take in your online teaching business, and then you can ask me any questions you have about this 1:1 coaching program.

There’s no obligation to sign up for the coaching program if you book a call, but it gives me a chance to address any specific questions you have about the program. It’ll also give you sneak peek into what a coaching session with me would be like! And my aim with the Express Coaching Session is to give you a clear idea of where to go next, regardless of whether you decide to work with me going forward.

Here’s what Emma had to say about her recent Express Coaching call with me:

Emma Dewhurst.jpeg

As a brand new blogger and first-time online course creator, I took up Shelley’s offer of a 20-minute free coaching call. She is fantastic! She knows her subject well and was positively brimming with ideas for how I could go forward. She is thoughtful, helpful and I would definitely work with her, going forward.

Emma Dewhurst, Your Best Creative Self